Monday, January 15, 2018

Family History - Beginnings

I'm Carol Lea MILLSLAGLE Macke, the 5th great-granddaughter of Johann Andreas Mühlschlägel, one of my immigrant ancestors. This blog is dedicated to all of the Millslagles (Milslagle, Millslagel and other variations) in America. To keep things simple, I will use Millslagle to group all of the spelling variants together unless a particular individual used one of the other spellings. Many believe we all come from Andreas but there have been some Mühlschlägels in the US that do not appear to descend from him. There will be more about these unconnected Millslagles  at some point in the future.

My family history journey began with the death of my paternal grandmother, Bernadine Mae DONAKER Millslagle. She had called me the day before to wish my youngest daughter happy 1 year birthday. I had hundreds of questions about my grandmother that I never thought about when she was alive. So, I started researching her life. This was right about the time that census images were starting to come online. I was hooked on learning more and more about my family.

As I was researching, I started to stumble on Millslagles that I couldn't fit into my line. My curiosity led me to start the Millslagle One Name Study. For now, I've limited the project to Millslagles in America. 

I had an older website of Millslagle Genealogy on Rootsweb but haven't been able to update it for at least 10 years. My plan is to create a new website over the next year. Until then, feel free to ask me questions or to pass on information for me to include.

Check back on Thursday, January 18, for a post about the grandparent that started it all. 

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